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The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who
submitted by Bruce Guberman
P-51 Who
We know the P-51, who is the pilot and GIB?
P-51 Who
unknown date/place
P-51 Who
by Dick Phillips
P-51 Who
by Tom Smith, photo by Jim Hess
P-51 Who
Case 7    Friday 13 Oct 2017 by John Meredith
This aeroplane was flown by Bob Abernathy in Greenville, SC in the Boy's Home of the South airshow in June 1985 (probably brought up from Griffin, GA for the show. Bob was an Eastern Airlines pilot. I have lots of pics from that day if anybody wants to see 'em.
P-51 Who
Case 377    Monday 09 Oct 2017 by Tim Yost
66111 was purchased by my dad and uncle in approximately 1962, from what i understand to be an machinery manufacturer "Mr Whiteman" also owner of Whiteman airport in Pacoima CA. I have fond memories of the look of the craft and sound of that beautiful Rolls Royce. I too have seen photos of the post crash wreckage in medford, sad day. I always enjoy hearing the stories from dad of flights, repairs and all the mechanical specification of the craft. I have been trying to keep track of 66111 (now 44-12119) together with him and hope to re-unite dad with the craft someday to re-kindle the dreams and memories. What a beautiful piece of history.
P-51 Who
Case 86    Saturday 16 Sep 2017 by Joe Comrack
When this air plane belonged to Dr.Cummins, it was parked at chino airport, I got a 2 hour ride. I had just finished the 9th grade and this was a gift from my Dad who worked for PAC.
P-51 Who
Case 89    Sunday 03 Sep 2017 by Ascher Ward
all Elmer did was to put a paint job on the aircraft the restoration was done by Aerosport at chino. CASE CLOSED ASCHER WARD
P-51 Who
Case 145    Monday 28 Aug 2017 by David Milner
I remember seeing this aircraft at Canberra airport in late 70's early 80's I was struck by the flaps hanging down. Thanks for your work in keeping the history of these conversions alive
P-51 Who
Case 159    Wednesday 23 Aug 2017 by Paul Milazzo
Went for a ride with Bob Converse out of the
Minter Field airport many years ago.
Bob is a great pilot and super guy.
P-51 Who
Case 296    Thursday 10 Aug 2017 by B J Baldursson
44-84857 is not on the list of the 25 Mustangs which actually were deployed to Iceland in 1952. 10 aircraft out of the 35 aircraft which were readied for the journey to Iceland, were left behind in the USA.

According to written personal notes from Col. Robert W. Gruenhagen (flight chief, line chief and quality control inspector of the F-51 Mustangs stationed at Keflavik airbase in 1952) the following 25 Mustangs were deployed to Iceland:


Col. Robert W. Gruenhagen is the author of “Mustang – The Story of the P-51 Fighter” Arco, N.Y., Revised edition (1976), ISBN-10: 0668039124, ISBN-13: 978-0668039123 and a well-known expert on the P-51.
P-51 Who
Case 202    Sunday 06 Aug 2017 by Charles Irvin
I'm presuming that this is in fact, Roger Wolfe's former P-51...

I ventured into the Freightliner dealer in Sparks, Nevada, yesterday, to pick up some parts, and a somewhat boisterous & colorful older gentleman truck driver (70's) walks in, starts going on about an exhaust pipe for his truck, and throws in a comment about a P&W R-1340 out of the blue! Having spent several years around those when in grade school, I began chatting with him, and he matter-of-factly mentioned having had a P-51 once, and having raced it a few times, and so I began chatting with him, and it turned out to be none other than Mr. Wolfe himself!

It took a while to get the answer out of him as to why he sold the plane. His answer: "I up-graded to a T-33, that got me into nothing but trouble!". I asked him about air racing, and he was a bit bitter about it: he talked about the cost to enter a P-51 into the Air Races, versus what you could win - that age old argument.

We ended up talking for a good 2 hours about all kinds of things (he tends to kind of ramble on from one topic to another, though he's still sharp as a tack). He told me how he was able to buy the plane: seems he had been crop dusting since before he had his license(!), and was making upwards of $1000 per day back then! He said toys were easy to get back then. So, a Mustang was a drop in the bucket. (I think he was about 29-30 when he bought it)

Meanwhile, the guy behind the parts counter is kind of blowing off everything Mr. Wolfe was saying (and Mr. Wolfe could tell, and was having fun with it), not seeming to believe any of it. So, since I had never met him, and wanted to see if he was on the level, I asked him whom he sold the plane to, and he answered "Bob Guilford".

That was a name I hadn't heard in a good 20 years, and it was good enough for me. In the end, the parts guy, I think, realized that this wasn't just some eccentric...

So, I thought I'd tell this story here, where it apparently belongs. If anybody would like to chat with him, he did give me his card, and it's got his email address on it.
P-51 Who
Case 186    Wednesday 02 Aug 2017 by Allen Robinson
This airplane is the reason I am a warbird fanatic! I lived in N.Syracuse behind Mickey's Bait Shop on South Bay Rd. I was around 9 or 10 and used to ride my 20" single speed stingray bicycle to Brewerton just to play on this plane! Then one day it was gone. I have been to Oshkosh and have talked to P-51 owners, nobody had ever heard of the P-51 in the weeds sitting next to Rt.11. Thank You Google!!!
P-51 Who
Case 152    Friday 28 Jul 2017 by Ben Gay III
Brad -

I remember your mother, having met her at least once. She shared the name "Frances" with my mother. And based on when you lived at High Valley Ranch, probably met you!

Shoot me an email at bfg3@directcon.net if I may answer any questions for you (read the previous posts for how I fit into the the personal/corporate history of Bill, Marie and the company).

Ben Gay III
Former President/Holiday Magic, etc.