The North American P-51 Mustang
Image Use Guidelines
You are welcome to use any images on this website for your own personal enjoyment. You can download them to your computer and use them as you wish, with a few exceptions.
P-51 Mustang at Air 2 Air
Personal Web Pages: There are over 5000 9000 images on file at MustangsMustangs. Any that have a credit line of "Curtis Fowles MustangsMustangs" can be used in your web pages! No restrictions on quantity. No special permission is needed to use these images with the "MustangsMustangs" credit line if you follow the easy guidelines listed below.
The credit line must still be showing and you cannot resize the images larger (you can resize smaller if needed, but the credit line must be readable -thumbnails excepted). You must host the images on your server. (download the images to your computer, then upload them to your server) You must link to this site on your links page and give credit on the page where the images are used (does not have to be on top).
Commercial Web Pages: Permission is required. If your web pages are selling something (product or service) you must get permission before using any image from Most of the time we grant permission in exchange of a sample of your product or service.
Commercial Use: Permission is required. You cannot sell or use the images on this website in any commercial product or service without the written consent of the author and - no exceptions. has several contributors and not all of them have the same rules for web page use. Most of them require permission first. If you want to use images that do not have the credit line of "Curtis Fowles" or "", you must get permission from the author of those images.

The purpose of these guidelines is to help you start your own web page with quality images from MustangsMustangs. Because of where you might be located, you might not get a chance to see any P-51s or Ford Mustangs. I understand that and want to help you to be able to start your own web page no matter where you are located or if you have any of your own photos or not.

Let us know how we can help.

Curtis Fowles