The North American P-51 Mustang
Oshkosh 2006
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P-51 Mustang at Oshkosh 2006
Oshkosh P-51s Page 1
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

This is the P-51s that I saw from Monday to Thursday.

OK6_4363t.jpg OK6_4422t.jpg OK6_4424t.jpg OK6_4452t.jpg OK6_4461t.jpg OK6_4472t.jpg OK6_4477t.jpg OK6_4479t.jpg OK6_4489t.jpg OK6_4497t.jpg OK6_4509t.jpg OK6_4515t.jpg OK6_4520t.jpg OK6_4637t.jpg OK6_4685t.jpg OK6_4728t.jpg OK6_4980t.jpg OK6_4981t.jpg OK6_5023t.jpg

Of course the museum's
41-038 N51NA "XP-51", EAA, Oshkosh Wi and
44-75007 N3451D "Paul I", EAA (Paul Poberezny), Oshkosh Wi

New Restorations:
44-74469 N74469 "Red Dog", Dan Baun (North American Aircraft), Poland Ohio
44-63865 N151TF unpainted, Tony Raftis (Provenance Fighter Sales)
311 N8082U "Precious Metal" (temp. name), Gerry Beck, ND

New Paint:
44-63893 N3333E "Glamorous Glen III", Mark Huffstutler, Uvalde Tx
42-103293 N251MX "Betty Jane", Max Chapman, Kissimmee Fl

New Noseart: (temp)
44-74404 N151RJ "Stang" (movie temp.), Bob Odegard, Kindred Nd

The rest of the Gang:
44-74458 N351DM "Sizzlin Liz", Dave Marco, Fl
45-11553 N51VF "Shangri La", Charles Osborne, NY NY
67-22581 N151MC "American Beauty", Max Chapman, Kissimmee Fl
44-63634 N351BD "Big Beautiful Doll", Mike Henningsen, Atlantic Io
44-72942 N5427V "Petie 2nd", Anthony Buechler, Waukesha Wi
44-73264 N5428V "Gunfighter", Commemorative Air Force, Omaha Ne,
44-73279 N451D "Sweet and Lovely", Bob Baker, Alva Ok
44-73140 N314BG "Petie 2nd", Les Heikkila, St Lois Mo
44-73843 N10601 "Old Red Nose", CAF, Midland Tx
44-74230 N551J "Gentleman Jim", Jack Roush, Livonia Mi

OK6_5050t.jpg OK6_5087t.jpg OK6_5164t.jpg OK6_5195t.jpg OK6_5246t.jpg OK6_5319t.jpg OK6_5339t.jpg OK6_5584t.jpg OK6_5586t.jpg OK6_5602t.jpg OK6_5724t.jpg OK6_5732t.jpg OK6_5795t.jpg OK6_5892t.jpg OK6_5911t.jpg OK6_5917t.jpg OK6_5957t.jpg OK6_5963t.jpg OK6_6013t.jpg

44-73287 N951M "Worry Bird", Michael George, Springfield Il
44-84615 N55JL "Cloud Dancer", Jimmy Leeward, Ocala Fl
45-11586 N51PE "Little Horse", Paul Ehlen, Bloomington Mn
44-74446 N1451D "Checkertail Clan", Nathan Davis, Tipton In
44-74474 N451MG "Old Crow", Jim Haggedorn
44-74524 N151HR "Dakota Kid", Henry Reichert, Bismarck Nd
44-74543 N5500S "Geraldine", Chuck Greenhill, Kenosha Wi
44-74865 N8677E "My Sweet Mary Lou", Gene Mallette, Blackfoot Id
44-74878 N6306T "HI G", Tom Wood, Indianapolis In
45-11540 N151W "Excalibur", Jim Reed, Chesterton In
45-11559a N51MX "Mad Max", Max Chapman, Kissimmee Fl


27 P-51s at Oshkosh 2006. What an excellent showing. These numbers do not count the two as part of the EAA Museum, that would be 29. Now I had to leave on Thursday afternoon so I could miss any who showed up later.

I left the show early to sit in a RJ at Milwaukee for 90 minutes looking at the gate they pushed us away from. You want to hear me complain some time, ask me about that. Now I'm sitting in Chicago O'Hara, waiting. Oh, that business meeting I left early for, you guessed it, I missed it anyways! Thanks AA.

OK6_6025t.jpg OK6_6048t.jpg OK6_6053t.jpg OK6_6121t.jpg OK6_6143t.jpg OK6_6156t.jpg OK6_6172t.jpg OK6_6192t.jpg OK6_6211t.jpg OK6_6223t.jpg OK6_6229t.jpg OK6_6231t.jpg OK6_6242t.jpg OK6_6262t.jpg OK6_6312t.jpg OK6_6321t.jpg OK6_6339t.jpg OK6_6342t.jpg OK6_6347t.jpg OK6_6400t.jpg