The North American P-51 Mustang
Oshkosh 2006
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P-51 Mustang at Oshkosh 2006
Oshkosh P-51s Page 2
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

It is tough to keep track of these P-51s as they come and go during the day. "Shangri-La" always had a cowl and canopy cover on from Mon-Wed. As I showed up on Thursday at about 9:15am, it was gone! So no clean pics. Too bad, because I am low on pics for "Shangri La". Chuck Greenhill's "Geraldine" came in on Wed and then left later that day.

Some come in for the day and leave at night, then come back the next day. Others stay for the whole week. The P-51s that are judged, sometimes come in the Saturday before the show to start with all the prep work and polishing.

OK6_4367t.jpg OK6_4451t.jpg OK6_4458t.jpg OK6_4466t.jpg OK6_4480t.jpg OK6_4493t.jpg OK6_4496t.jpg OK6_4518t.jpg OK6_4688t.jpg OK6_4691t.jpg OK6_4710t.jpg OK6_4733t.jpg OK6_4762t.jpg OK6_4889t.jpg OK6_4893t.jpg OK6_5031t.jpg OK6_5093t.jpg OK6_5166t.jpg OK6_5172t.jpg OK6_5243t.jpg

Restoration of mention is Dan Baun's "Red Dog" restored by Mike Vadeboncoeur of Midwest Aero. Mike has done a stunning job with this one. If you get a chance, check it out up close and look at every detail. His craftsmanship is much more appreciated the closer you look. Congratulations to Mike and Dan!

When Square One Aviation quit business a year or so ago, that left Dan Baun hanging a bit with a TF in mid-restoration. Luckily, some of the excellent crew at Square One, worked out a deal with Dan and they finished up the TF just in time to fly it to Oshkosh. No paint yet! It does have a new owner, but I do not know the planned paint scheme. (Later talking to Simon Brown of Provenance Fighter Sales, the TF will be painted in a 15th Air Force "Tempus Fugit" with the red diagonal stripes on the tail). This TF is for sale. Come on, you know you want it.

OK6_5337t.jpg OK6_5627t.jpg OK6_5633t.jpg OK6_5645t.jpg OK6_5667t.jpg OK6_5676t.jpg OK6_5728t.jpg OK6_5736t.jpg OK6_5744t.jpg OK6_5770t.jpg OK6_5800t.jpg OK6_5807t.jpg OK6_5842t.jpg OK6_5889t.jpg OK6_5899t.jpg OK6_5955t.jpg OK6_5982t.jpg OK6_6024t.jpg OK6_6027t.jpg OK6_6069t.jpg

Mark Huffstutler owns N3333E which had the long time 55th FG paint that was a bit faded and worn when he purchased it just a few years back. He has repainted his P-51 as Chuck Yearger's mount, "Glamorous Glen III". Some research can be done to find out that Yeager's WWII paint has been popular over the years being used on many P-51s.

Bob Odegard's P-51 still has the temp noseart for the movie "Thunder Over Reno", which was filmed on site in June 2006. "Stang" is Bob's new noseart. Not sure how long it will stay on.

OK6_6120t.jpg OK6_6166t.jpg OK6_6169t.jpg OK6_6183t.jpg OK6_6184t.jpg OK6_6188t.jpg OK6_6215t.jpg OK6_6236t.jpg OK6_6240t.jpg OK6_6248t.jpg OK6_6272t.jpg OK6_6274t.jpg OK6_6313t.jpg OK6_6319t.jpg OK6_6323t.jpg OK6_6329t.jpg OK6_6330t.jpg OK6_6358t.jpg OK6_6398t.jpg OK6_6411t.jpg OK6_6419wpt.jpg