The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 18
44-73454     N6172C     Closed
Solved by: Jim Church
P-51 Who 18
Case#: 18
Date: May 15 1999
By: Howard Chilton
Photo: N6172C
Addison Texas, early 60's
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-73454
Registry: N6172C
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Jim Church
06/04/1999 18:42
" N6172C is, s/n 44-73454, c/n 122-39913, and was registered as such between 1963-1967. It went through many owners before winding up in the hands of Richard A. Bjelland, who flies it in a 352nd FG "blue nosed bastards of Bodney" scheme as "This-Is-It!" This was the mount of group commander Col. Joe Mason. It is currently registered N2051D. It was rebuilt following a crash by Cavalier Aircraft Corporation in 1968 as a "Cavalier 2000." Gordon Plaskett rebuilt it to stock condition after another mishap in 1973. "
06/10/1999 12:00
Thanks Jim you got it.
Other owners of this P-51 include Rufus Applegarth, John Schafhausen, and Richard Bach. Bach was owner during the '73 accident.
Danny Knight
09/21/2011 13:20
The Yellow Mustang in the forground belonged to Jr. Burchinal from " Flying Tigers Air Museum " in Paris Texas. Jr. owned it from 66-84. It is now in the UK under "Susy" N 44-72773. At one time some one said a pilot had crashed it and died but it still flies.
Chris Jones
11/14/2015 01:38
WOW. My dad was one of the owners of this plane. I have a picture of this plane on my wall.
Chris Jones
11/14/2015 13:20
Was too excited when I found this to mention my dads name. James M Jones. He was a Hellcat ace in WW2, went into crop dusting after the war and owned this plane for a brief period. People have told me stories about the impromptu "air shows" he would put on some sundays. He said selling this plane was one of the biggest mistakes he ever made but at the time fuel was too expensive at 8 cents a gallon haha.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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