The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 20
44-74427     N2251D     Closed
Solved by: Mark Huismann, Dan Martin
P-51 Who 20
Case#: 20
Date: Jun 01 1999
Photo: Miss Coronado
unknown photo date/place
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74427
Registry: N2251D
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Mark Huismann
06/03/1999 16:37
This mustang was owned by John Baugh. The name Miss Coronado comes from Mr. Baugh's business, The Coronado Stone company. Previously, this mustang had served as a mount for Bob Hoover.
Dan Martin
06/03/1999 19:13
Miss Coranado, I believe, was owned by John T. Baugh and sold in the mid-80's and is now painted as Nooky Booky IV.
06/10/1999 12:00
Thank you Mark and Dan. This P-51 registered N2251D, 44-74427 to John T. Baugh from 1978 to 1989. It is now owned by Brian Hoffner and flies as "Nooky Booky IV". This P-51 served in Canada as RCAF 9592.
Steve Tournay
11/24/2000 08:09
Noted two P-51Ds ("Miss Coronado" and "Silver Girl") on your solved-IDs page; I think there's a chance these two were shot at Mt.Hope, Ontario, in the mid-80s, as both the scenery (what can be seen of it) and the other aircraft in the background (Cessna Crane; Ray Stutsman's P-47G) are typical of Mt.Hope in the good old Warbird-show days. A guess at the date would be 1983; CWH's Crane wasn't flying yet but Joe Howse's was, in BC, and was flown to Mt.Hope for the '83 show. Don't honestly remember which Mustangs were at the '83 show but these two, along with the Stutsman Jug, were there regularly at shows from the late 70s through the mid-80s. (All three were at the '82 show, but the Howse Crane wasn't flying yet, so if it is Mt.Hope it's 1983 at the earliest)...
Bill Nielsen
08/31/2010 16:03
Saw this airplane get bent. I was three striper at Myrtle Beach AFB SC in January 1965. The higher ups released alot of us from duty station to go to flightline to watch an impromptu display by Bob Hoover. Flying this P-51 (like few could fly) he had some problems, crashed, fire trucks respond, much fuss. They say he was standing by the plane, smoking a cigarette when they reached him. Long time back. Old retired GI war stories. Thanks.
Joe Pinner
09/11/2010 19:22
Several years ago I was a passenger in Miss Coronado which was part of the then Confederate Air Force participating in an air show at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC. I almost lost it when an antigue bomber had a door come open and "tang" had to make several more low level passes to divert attention from the bomber which landed on an alternate strip. I have flown in every type of flying machine there is from balloons to an F-16 over Shaw and have never been air sick, but those last few passes just about did it. I was told when I exited the "lady" that I didn't look as happy as when I belted up to take to the air. A wonderful experience and a great photo to help me relive the moments...even the last few. Joe "Knozit" Pinner
07/12/2012 12:50
I believe at one time this Miss Coronado was owned by a man named Johnny Bolton who owned a Ford dealership in Orlando Fl. I sat in its cockpit in Orlando when I was VERY young was at Herndon airport back then I am guessing was around the late seventies when I sat in it I believe .........
Dennis Cofer
03/26/2018 10:05
I got to see Mr. Baugh fly Miss Coronado at an airshow in the early eighties. The show at Tullahoma and is one of my fondest memories. My late brother and I waited a couple hours to see it take off. The wait was nothing and was worth it.
Ed Murrey
06/20/2018 13:21
I saw this plane as Miss Coronado at Abernathy Field in Pulaski Tn probably around 1977 or 78.It was owned by John Baugh.I waited a good while to see it fly. I will never forget it to this day when it fired up!! It was a Masterpiece!!
Byrom Stacaey
09/12/2018 11:05
Back in the early 80's I was an ex-sailor just out of Spartan School of Aeronautics working at an FBO in Nashville. John approached me one day looking for parts for another one of his projects that he knew I had. I gave it to him and he asked how much. I didn't have a clue and he knew that too so he offered me a ride in Miss Coronado! Four years later (he was a busy man after all) he showed up on the ramp and off we went. He gave me an hour long ride that seemed to last about 10 minutes. My only regret is I didn't have a camera. Still see John from time to time. That was certainly a memorable day!
Eric James Dolin
07/22/2019 11:52
I had a ride in this P51D at Oshkosh 1982 or 83. Can't remember. Flew during the war bird show. I was 22 years old. I have many air to air pictures I could post.
Ronnie Underwood
07/22/2020 15:19
Between 1975 till 1979 i worked at Nashville Flying Service Fbo where John stored his 51 along with a 109 messerschmitt and a stearman i had my bucket list fulfilled twice by getting a ride in 51 and stearman, john asked me why i never radioed him during 51 trip, wasn't taking my hands off bar and afraid to open my mouth, now i did have to clean them but well worth it
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