The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 203
44-74850     N2116     Closed
Solved by: Goss, McMillin, Scheil, Pfaendler
P-51 Who 203
Case#: 203
Date: Sep 27 2002
By: Gerald Liang
Photo: via
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74850
Registry: N2116
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Randy Goss
10/03/2002 00:39
Looks like Pete Ettingers airplane, as raced at Reno 1971, the first year I attended! 44-74850 N2116 Later: CF-USA Crashed killing Don Plumb 10/16/75
Chris McMillin
10/03/2002 14:41
The orange racer N2116 was owned by Carl and Dick Durand of Albuquerque,NM. It was flown by Pete Ettinger at Reno in 1971 and then sold to Don Plumb. Plumb had the airplane stripped and polished to a mirror finish. He crashed fatally in it with another Mustang, as I recall they may have tried to outclimb weather with no oxygen and suffered hypoxia. This is all from memory so others may have better details.
Joseph Scheil
10/04/2002 09:07
44-74850, was first registered as N6726C and then in 1966 was registered as N2116 to John Sliker of Wadley ID. Another Reno picture, the Mustang looks very sharp in this Photo. Thanks Jerry for the pictures! The aircraft went to John Sliker and was owned by him for 2 years, and a second Mustang was eventually proposed to have this number after he sold it. The second one never carried the reg though. Westernaire sold -74850 to Don Plumb who flew her as the stunning CF-USA. Flying in company with another Mustang dodging thunderstorms they both crashed fatally near Big Spring, Texas, on the Edwards ranch.
Walter Lamb
10/04/2002 14:35
This is P-51D-25-NT, s/n #44-73990, c/n 122-40530, ex-RCAF 9282, N8674E, N51LT, and now N51th owned by Tom Henley of Emelle, AL. It was raced in the 1971 Reno races and qualified 14th at 330.647 mph, by Pete Ettinger, from Albuquerque, NM. Placed 6th in Medallion race at 298.23 mph as a fill-in. Placed 7th in Silver race at 284.56 mph. It was owned by Pete's father Carl Ettinger and Dick Durand. It was for sale at the time of the races.
John Kerr
10/06/2002 08:51
Believe that this acft is first acft to carry the registration of N2116. It is P-51D, 44-74850 and was registered as N6726C prior and later registration was changed to CF-USA. Registered owner at at time was Westernair. Time frame of photo is 1970-1971 most likely at Reno. Name on aircraft is Miss Albuquerque
Eric Pfaendler
10/06/2002 22:55
This photo is from the 1971 Reno Air Races and the mustang was raced by Peter Ettinger and owned by Carl and Dick Durand. "Miss Albuquerque" qualified 14th at 330.647mph. Finished 6th in Medallion race at 298.23mph (fill in entry) and 7th in the Consolation race at 284.56mph

N6726C James Hodges Fort Lauderdale, FL 1963
N2116 Jack Sliker Wadley, GA 1966
Westernair of Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM 1972
CF-USA Don Plumb/Spitfire Inc. Windsor, ONT 1972
crashed near Big Spring, TX Plumb killed 10/16/1975
J Dobson
07/14/2008 09:35
As a sideline to this, when don stripped the paint off he was horrified to find that an abrasion sander had been used on it. It took many hours to get that lovely finish on it.
bob bidinost
05/13/2016 23:49
I was a good friend of Don Plumb, and wondered what ever happened to his many warbirds, that his wife sold after his unfortunate death in one of his p-51 mustangs. I know that Rudy Frasca bought his p-40 from Dons wife for $126,000 after his unfortunate death in 1975, trying to fly over a thunderstorm, presumably without oxygen. Any help to locate his planes, and maybe his British full time mechanic would be greatly appreciated. l personally, am a 72 year old private pilot with 800+ hours and have 23 type ratings. Thanks in advance for ANY INFORMATION !!! BOB BIDINOST 250-427-5899 Kimberly, British Columbia, Canada.
John Silberman
03/24/2019 12:31
Jack Silker did not own 2116. I bought it in 1966 from Tony Mulhern of Hallmark Homes thru Mustangs Unlimited in Atlanta Ga. When I went to Vietnam, I stored it at Mustangs Unlimited then with Jack Sliker who kept it up while I was away flying attack helicopters. Later I sold it to Dick Durant of Westernair in 1972. The plane was a Mustangs Unlimited conversion and had 110 gal drop tanks.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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