The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 206
44-74466     N10607     Closed
Solved by: Kerr, Pfaendler, Nurmi
P-51 Who 206
Case#: 206
Date: Oct 01 2002
By: Gerald Liang
Photo: via
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74466
Registry: N10607
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John Kerr
10/14/2002 10:38
Kenworth Race # 17 is P-51D, N10607, ex RCAF 9227, 44-74466. Owners have included John Sliker, Madeline Siker, Wiley Sanders, and Harry Barr. Owner at time of photo believed to be John Sliker. Aircraft crashed at Reno on 9-14-85 and has been rebuilt. Various names carried on the aircraft have been Escape I, Georgia Mae, Barbara Jean, and is now marked in Nebraska ANG markings.
Eric Pfaendler
10/27/2002 04:18
N10607 Was originally raced by John Sliker in the late 60's and early 70's until his death. This picture is from the 1977 Reno Air Races when the plane was raced by Mac McClain. Later became Wiley Sander's Georgia Mae.

The Planes Racing history:
1969 Reno Air Races qualified 10th at 318.75 and finished the consolation race in 5th at 306.09
1969 Milwaukee to Reno Xcountry finished 2nd at 312.21
1970 Reno Air Races qualified 12th at 331.887 and finished the consolation race in 4th at 306.421
1970 Milwaukee to Reno Xcountry finished 3rd at 254.983
1970 California 1000 finished 5th at 307.28
1971 Cape May Air Races qualified 4th at 322.22 and finished championship race in 6th at 315.87
1971 Reno Air Races qualified 8th at 379.763 and finished 5th in medallion at 302.75 (fill in entry) and 1st in silver at 367.65
1972 Reno Air Races qualified 8th at 357.447 and finished 2nd in silver at 344.531
1973 Reno Air Races DNQ
1973 Miami Air Races qualified 7th at 331.69 and finished final race in 6th at 318.11
1973 Mojave Air Races qualified 10th at 305.906 no race record
1977 Reno Air Races qualified 5th at 378.947 and finished the championship race in 6th at 383.478
1985 Reno Air Races qualified 10th at 417.968 heavily damaged in crosswind landing
1986 Reno Air Races qualified 4th at 434.715 and finished 9th in gold DNF
1987 Reno Air Races qualified 7th at 419.553 and finished 1st in silver at 402.320
1988 Reno Air Races qualified 8th at 431.565 and finished 4th in gold at 408.287
1989 Reno Air Races qualified 5th at 429.053 and finished 9th in gold DNF
1990 Texas Air Race qualified 3rd at 386.916 and finished 3rd in the gold race at 388.948

44-74466: to RCAF as 9227
1963 George D Hanby, Evanston IL
1966 George D Hanby, Philadelphia PA
1969 John M Sliker, Wadley GA
1978 Madeline Sliker, Wadley GA
1985 Wiley Sanders, Troy AL
Current Harry Barr
Neal Nurmi
10/31/2002 10:58
This is Jack Sliker's former "Escape I" raced (sometimes with Cessna 310 tip tanks) by Jack in the early 70s. This shot is from Reno 1977 when Mac McClain leased the airplane from Jack's widow after losing the Red Baron seat to Darryl. The airplane ran well -- in the Gold as I remember...

It was purchased in 1985 by Wiley Sanders and raced as "Coyote", and was crashed, rebuilt and raced some more as Jeannie 2. Lovely airplane after the rebuild -- still flying as far as I know.
Pierre Smith
09/17/2013 13:40
If I'm not mistaken, I was working for Jack Sliker when he died in his Bearcat at Flagstaff in 1975. I was at the airport when Wiley Sanders took "Escape I" home to Alabama. I have a feeling that this airplane eventually became Galloping Ghost that crashed at Reno a couple of years ago, after Sanders had sold it as "Jeannie", no?

I'm still at the same airport where I began flying for Sliker as an ag pilot in 1971.

Pierre Smith
Dave Forrest
02/23/2019 16:16
Interesting note--during 1966 while owned by George Hamby, he brought it to Mustangs Unlimited at ATL,with a squawk as rough running at altitude. Asked what altitude he said 24 to 25 thousand feet. Plugs, & harness replaced, mag timing checked, and I flew test flight to 37,00 ft with smooth running engine. Mustangs Unlimited was owned by Bud Marshall & Bailey Johnson. I flew many of their test and ferry flights.
Paul Donner
03/27/2021 09:15
Harry Barr passed away around a year or so ago. So, what’s current status?
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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