The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 207
44-74582     N6329T     Closed
Solved by: Goss, Kerr, Tummers, Pfaendler, Phillips
P-51 Who 207
Case#: 207
Date: Oct 01 2002
By: Bill Green
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74582
Registry: N6329T
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Dick Phillips
10/03/2002 10:58
Case 207 is N6329T 44-74582.
It was RCAF 9253, then N6524D before changing to N6329T. It is now owned by Joe Thibodeau of Denver, named CRUSADER.
Randy Goss
10/13/2002 10:54
I believe this is: 44-74582 ex-N6524D, now with Joe Thibodeau as N6329TThanks, All the best-Randy Goss
John Kerr
10/14/2002 10:55
N6329T at Oshkosh, 1970 is P-51D, ex RCAF 9253, 44-74582, Ex N6524D, and is now registered as N51JT. Several owners including: Landom Cullum, John Hooper, Bob Byrne, and now Joe Thibodeau. Various names that aircraft has carried out Sump"n Else, Rascal IV, and Crusader. Now carried race # 21. John Kerr
Tom Tummers
10/18/2002 10:56
Mustang N6329T is registered to Joe Thibodeau of Denver CO. Serial # 4474582.
1950: RCAF 9253
1958: N6524D, N6329T
1986: "Sumpn Else"
1991: N51JT, N6329T (Joe Thibodeau)
Eric Pfaendler
10/27/2002 10:57
27 Oct 2002
N6329T is now N51JT. Racing Record:
1996 Reno Air Races qualified 296.722 and finished 3rd in bronze at 332.470
1997 Reno Air Races qualified 24th at 350.199 and finished 7th in bronze at 334.063
to RCAF as 9253
1958 N6524D
1963 N6329T Landon Cullum Jr, Wichita Falls TX
1987 John Hooper, Harvey LA
1989 Byrne Aviation Inc, Bloomfield Hills MI
1991 N51JT Joe Thibodeau
Jon Hipkins
07/26/2006 18:40
I have a log book belonging to Flying Officer W.T. Miller CD RCAF with an entry for this a/c - 10 Feb 1953, Night Flying Test, 30 mins whilst serving with 2424 AC&W at Hamilton, ON. Somebody might be interested!
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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