The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 232
42-83769     N54954     Closed
Solved by: David Daly, Douglas Chambers
P-51 Who 232
Case#: 232
Date: Feb 12 2003
By: Dick Phillips
Photo: HINTS
Status: Closed
Serial: 42-83769
Registry: N54954
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Curtis Fowles
02/13/2003 00:08
HINT: This is not a survivor today, unless it is part of another P-51. It is NX54954, the rest is up to you.
Curtis Fowles
02/18/2003 10:05
Another hint (from Dick Phillips):It crashed on 1 Sep 47 with a different N number.
David Daly
03/11/2003 17:39
It is a A36 Invader No 42-83769 the photo was taken in the summer of 1946 at the De Ponti aviation Hanger in Minneapolis , was sold to Shorty De Ponti and then later to Woody Edmundson
David McIlvaine
07/05/2008 08:33
I have a picture of NX 4E City of Lynchburg Va II that I took at Cleveland. I worked ?? for Woody keeping his airplanes clean. The picture I took and Woody signed has a 4 bladed prop. All A-36-A`s I have seen had 3 bladed props. Can anyone give me information about this? I was only 16 at the time
Douglas Chambers
12/17/2008 08:59
One was A-36A-1-NA, 42-83769, c/n 15987,originally registered as NX54954 to Everett Hogan of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, subsequently purchased by Woodrow W. Edmundson of Lynchburg, Virginia, and re-registered as NX4E.It competed at Cleveland in 1947 as race number 15 City of Lynchburg, Virginia II. It finished 3rd in the 1947 Kendall at 372.392 mph, flying the third lap at 390.145 mph! During the Thompson Trophy Race the Allison exploded in the eleventh lap. Edmundson bailed out safely, and the A-36 crashed and was destroyed. Edmundson also owned the Limited Type Certificate No. 15-2 for the A-36A.Only a 16 year old boy who loves mustangs, so used google(hope thats not cheating) found it in a article by Leo J. Kohn on
Curtis Fowles
03/24/2009 23:08
Hmmmm... Dick Phillips lists this one as NX54954, 42-83768. If you are out there Dick, please help clarify. Thanks.
Curtis Fowles
01/21/2010 19:16
Dick has confirmed a typo, the serial is 42-83769. Good work David and Douglas.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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