The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 24
44-73586     N5412V     Closed
Solved by: Gary Young, T.J. Johansen
P-51 Who 24
Case#: 24
Date: Jan 01 2000
Photo: Photo taken early 70's.
Still flying today in different colors.
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-73586
Registry: N5412V
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01/01/2000 09:00
Photo taken in early 70's. this P-51 is still flying today in different colors. Looks like that's Bob Hoover in the driver's seat.
Landy Hayhurst
01/09/2000 23:48
I'm not sure, but that looks kike the colors of a '51 that a guy by the name of Bob Morrow used to fly here in Salem, OR. When I was a kid, some 30 years ago, he had a red one, I'm not positive about the black stripe, but I kinda think maybe. I have no idea of what happened to that war bird. You might ask for some old timers at Salem Aviation.

Bob flew the thing back in the middle to late 60's. I'll check with my Dad, he knew Bob and was a pilot back then. He doesn't fly anymore, but he may remember the specifics of the plane.
TJ Johansen
01/28/2000 12:59
Having gone over the info and looking at the photo again I will cast my vote on it being Len Tanner's N51LT ex N8674E 44-73990 as his initials are the only one I can think of with L.T., and it still flies. In the photos I have seen it has had red lower side and white on top with the name "Pidgeon Chaser" but colors did change often in the 70's!
Lowell Thompson
02/02/2000 21:10
I will venture a guess at Case #24 that this is the early 70's paint scheme of N51LT then belonging to Len Tanner of North Granby, CT. Now flies as N51th with Tom Henley, Emelle,AL 44-73990 as "Alabama Hammer Jammer". May have still been N8674E when photo was taken.
Gary Young
02/26/2009 16:31
This orange mustang was N5412V owned by Billy Gibson from Asbury Park, NJ ... this photo was taken in 1973 at the great Miami air race when bob hoover flew it to open the unlimited races. this mustang was then sold to john trainer who crashed it in Coatsville, pa and was killed and the mustang destroyed.
T J Johansen
07/30/2010 02:05
And Gary Young is spot-on here. A group of photos from the Miami Air Races in 1973 just appeared on a racing forum, and there is a 3/4 rear shot possibly taken from the same flight as this photo. It clearly shows the 51 as N5412V.
10/22/2010 09:26
Well this one needs some correction. Thanks Gary and TJ for the updates.
matt ottaviano
09/28/2011 14:42
As a young man in 1972- 73 i was with my father at the Chester County Coatsville PA> airport and was admiring a p-51 that if memory serves was yellow and red but very faded. This owner offered me a ride in the rear as he said there was no radio and I could ride. I really wanted to go but my father said No because I had No parachute, I was reslly pissed, as it turns out John Trainer took of and crashed not far from the airport in a cornfield. I have spent many long hours thinking about this. Does any other person know more of this crash, Thank You for any Info. Matt o..
John Fletcher
10/11/2020 15:51
I delivered 5412V from Orlando Municipal Airport to Vineland, NJ area (Milville Airport) in 1962. All I remember is a chiropractor sold it to a propane supplier. I am 86 now so some details escape me.
When It crashed in 1974 it was painted Orange & Bob Hoover had flown it to open the Miami Air Races a few months earlier.
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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