The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 47
44-74582     N6329T     Closed
Solved by: TJ Johansen, Dick Phillips, Jay Cullum
P-51 Who 47
Case#: 47
Date: May 25 2000
By: Bill Green 1968
Photo: EAA Rockford
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74582
Registry: N6329T
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Jim Church
05/28/2000 07:42
I think case #47 shows Leroy Penhal's race #81, P-51D-25-NA, s/n 44-74012, c/n 122-40552, N6519D. If it is, then it had served in Canada as RCAF 9243, and was first brought into the US by James Defuria, of Canastota, NY. At one point it carried the registration N6518D, although this reg. was later carried by the P-51 (44-63872) in which Tom Kuchinsky was killed in during a CAF show in Texas in 1970. after a 1974 crash landing in Hudson, Wisconsin (by Steve Hinton, I believe) it went to Vancouver, British Columbia, with Robert H. Jens for rebuild. It was briefly registered in Canada as C-GPSI, but the rebuild was not completed. It was brought back to the US and restored by Duane Williams, of Kellogg. Idaho. It is now owned by James E. Smith, of Kalispell, Mt. If it is indeed N6519D, then it is the same Mustang featured in case #27.
Bill Eaton
06/05/2000 10:00
Leroy Penhall's airplane was yellow with a red stripe similar to this airplane's. Penahall's Mustang also had the race number 81 on the vertical stabilizer.
06/11/2000 12:00
The N number in the photo does not appear to support N6519D. After the six does not look like the top of a 5, and after the 5 is certainly not a 1. Let's take a closer look & try to match some other N numbers.
07/02/2000 00:00
N6329T, 44-74582 Identified by a well known Mustang historian who was at the show that year.
T J Johansen
09/19/2000 20:04
In regard to P51who case #47 are you sure this is N6519D? I have looked at some photos I have of 6519D and Penhalls plane had his "company colors" of yellow and orange. If I'm correct this is in fact 44-74582 N6329T which I believe was owned by Landon Cullum at the time. I have a photo of this plane shot in the 70's and it still have the remnants of its ADF cover on the upper rear fuselage (like in your photo) as well as the exact same color scheme right down to how the anti skid pad curves on the wing fillet next to the flap. If you look carefully at your photo you can see the top of the 2 as the third numeral, I doubt it can be a 1.
Jay Cullum
03/11/2002 16:28
I'm pretty sure this is N6329T, owned by my dad, Landon Cullum at the time. this would have been back at Rockford IL in the early EAA days. it was on display at EAA for a number of years in late 60's, early 70's. this ship was used to certify the Century III autopilot for P-51 use by my dad.

owners: Landon Cullum, Jay Cullum, John Hooper, Bob Byrne, Joe Thibodeux
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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