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: Silly Season has passed, but ...  ( 11272 )
C Fowles
Mustang Expert

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« : September 06, 2007, 02:56:21 AM »

I've been trying to get ready for the Gathering of Mustangs and Legends later this month and
almost gave up on getting excited about Reno this year because of the lack of P-51 muscle that
are capable of taming the top Sea Furies and Bearcat.

Dago is out.
Strega has a stock (or so) merlin.  I heard Tiger say it was stock, but who knows?
Voodo, Miss America, Cloud Dancer can all do 430-440 ish but where is the 490 mph P-51s?

Not this year.

Jimmy Leeward worked very hard to rebuild "The Galloping Ghost", but that will have to wait
until 2008.  Just too much to finish by race week.

But as the Races get closer (within a week), I am feeling the anticipation of watching WWII aircraft
fly 100 feet AGL at 480 mph. As most of you know I get credentials to be at the pylons during
the race.  I feel very lucky that I get to do that.   Words cannot describe the view from there. 
Most of the time I have a Nikon in my face, but for a lap or two, I put it down and just watch.

Even though the field is down a bit, there will be plenty of speed in 2007.

Mike Brown did not sit on his victory in 2006.  "September Fury" will be even faster this year.  What
about the Bearcat "Rare Bear"?  The Bear slung oil over everything last year and DNF during
qualifying.  This year, warbird collect Rod Lewis purchased the famed Bearcat and sparked life ($)
back into the program.  They have been working every possible moment to get ready and are
flight testing now with less than a week to go.  John Penney will be flying the Bear.

I do hope they give Brown a run.  Now if Brown and Penney beat each other up too bad, you know
the Buick, "Dreadnought" will happily clean up the mess.  And #86 will be close by too. 

Well, if you got any sillier ideas than I do ... please post.

Tim Adams
Mustang Fan

: 17

« #1 : September 06, 2007, 09:58:20 PM »

I for one hope Strega finds a mysterious race motor before Sunday. I will be there Saturday afternoon the 8th. I was lucky enough to score press access also. First time out in the dust. I can't wait!!
Kevin G
Mustang Fan

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« #2 : September 17, 2007, 11:07:45 AM »

Wow. Another Gold final with one Mustamg, which didn't finish the race. What's it going to take for a Mustang to run with the Bear or September Fury and not blow up, much less beat them, hang a radial off the nose?  Dizzy Seriously I don't know and am looking for thoughts from more knowlegable folks.
Mustang Fan

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Too lazy to set a custom title [url=http://macgallery.net/]hedonism 2 [/url]

« #3 : November 25, 2009, 05:46:19 AM »

They have one captured ex-Iraqi mi-24 in a museum in Tehran, this has led alot of people to say Iran does have them, but they do not have any in service.

Too lazy to set a custom title hedonism resort 
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MustangsMustangs  |  Unlimited Air Racing  |  Reno Air Races 2007  |  : Silly Season has passed, but ...

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