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43-24907 N6555B "Lope's Hope 3rd"
May Mustang C LLC, Minot ND
P-51 Survivor 43-24907 N6555B
Status: Flying
NAA Type: P-51C-10NT
Serial #: 43-24907
Registry: N6555B
.. past:
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History: 43-24907 N6555B "Lope's Hope 3rd"

2004: Sep 08, N6555B, reserved, Dakota Mustangs Inc, not taken up
2008: Dec 10, N6555B, Dakota Mustangs Inc, Wahpeton ND
2012: Apr 17, N6555B, May Mustang C LLC
2014: Restoration as "Lope's Hope 3rd" at Air Corps Aviation
2017: Oct 17, N6555B, first flight, congrats to Air Corps for a very nice looking C model- based at the Dakota Territory Air Museum, Minot ND
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