The North American P-51 Mustang
The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?
P-51 Who?
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P-51 Who?  
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5 OPEN P-51 Who Cases
Case 431     Jan 01 2016
Bruce Guberman
P-51 Who
Santa Monica 1958/59
Kinda Tough
Case 362     Jun 03 2009
Dick Phillips
P-51 Who
unknown date/place
Case 120     Jun 01 2001
Tom Smith
P-51 Who
1959 Sarasota, FL
photo by Jim Hess
Extremely Hard
Case 430     Aug 13 2015
Jim Bowman
P-51 Who
We know the P-51, who is the pilot and GIB?
June 1969
Case 140     Nov 01 2001
Dick Phillips
P-51 Who
Extremely Hard
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Saturday Mar 28 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 152
I happen to have been a former HM Distributor and have several issues of the "Holiday Magic Wand." any interest?
Kathryn Sullivan
Tuesday Mar 24 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 141
When I was a kid, I lived in house along Hwy 82, just across from Gainesville Municipal Airport. Vern would always roar right over the house and waggle the wings of his P51.
The sound of that engine was remarkable. Some weekends, he and a buddie, (I don't recall his name), who had a Corsair would stage mock dog fights out over the area. I spent many hours watching them fly and later learned to fly, because of them.

Wonderful memories!
Jim Ferrante
Friday Mar 20 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 152
It's always a pleasure talking with you. I decided to post per our conversation today. I check here occasionally to see names from my youth. Since finding site several years ago I've been contacted and keep in touch with several others. HM was a big part of my life growing up. I was the youngest ever to attend LDIY at the High Valley Ranch. Its interesting how my illness at LDIY inadvertently taught me I could achieve and overcome any obstacle. Looking back LDIY may not have been as effective had I not gotten sick. WPP flew me from Clearlake to Frisco at the time. My father often took me when he traveled for HM, probably why I enjoy traveling today. I remember the eagles, Bills office and desk, the dock and boat from his office dock to the Principia. I have a picture of the Principia and the Free Enterprise hanging in my office. Toni Milano recently sent a note book with most if not all the issues of the Wand. Gene Hoffman and I keep in touch. I am writing down all these memories, people and events. Who knows maybe it will be a book. We need that HM optimism today more than ever. Best wishes to everyone here. Thanks Jim
Ben Gay III
Wednesday Jan 15 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 152
Brad -

It's very open . . . with an advance call to Jane Wilhite's office at PSI Seminars.

High Valley Ranch
11650 High Valley Rd.
Clearlake Oaks, CA

(707) 998-2222

Tell them/her I said Hello!

- Ben Gay III
Keith R Forrest
Tuesday Jan 07 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 325
Back in the late 70's I was taking flight lessons from my brother at the Ftc lvd airport which at the time I think the FBO was owned by Max. I spent a lot of time there and got to talk to Max a fair amount. He was a real down to earth guy and easy to talk to. One day I asked what it would take to get a flight in the Boomer just in passing, he replied" Go grab a couple of parachutes out of my office" I don't know how many people get to ride for over an hour of aerobatics in a P-51 but it is a memory I will never forget for as long as I live. When I heard about Max's accident I didn't know how or who to send condolences to but hopefully this will suffice. I remember Mike flying what I remember was a T-34 and seeing him around the airport. I have thought of Max and the Boomer often, Max even gave me a small artist drawing of Boomer that I still treasure. A really great guy, the world could use a lot more like him.
Sunday Jan 05 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 279
I was a 10 year old on the day. I was with my family in Windsor about to head into a Chinese restaurant for lunch. We stood out the front for a moment watching this aircraft high in the sky. After a while when we were seated inside we heard an almighty loud scream of an engine revving, then silence. Not knowing what the noise was we carried on only to find out that night back home on the news, the plane had crashed.
Brad Jackson
Saturday Jan 04 2020
P-51 Who Who Case: 152
Ben, How accessible to the general public is the High Valley Ranch these days? Is it still used for conferences and seminars? I’ve been thinking about taking a trip up there and seeing it again. It’s been a long time since I was last there. I hear the Brassfield Winery next door is worth a visit also.
Ben Gay
Friday Dec 13 2019
P-51 Who Who Case: 152
Just checking as promised!

Ben Gay III
James Miller
Friday Dec 06 2019
P-51 Who Who Case: 130
The top picture is with me on the wing. I meet Mr Huismann at Rockford in 1969 and cleaned his Mustang during the week of the EAA fly-in.
They asked for helpers in 1970 for Oshkosh and I submitted my name and he said I would be welcome to look after his plane again. I went
Down by myself in 1970 and was given a flight both years in the Mustang at the end of the week. I still remember the thrill and noise during the
Flight. Just great.
Lon Moer
Saturday Nov 09 2019
P-51 Who Who Case: 165
ralph peterson - Thank You!
I crewed on this Mustang for Bob Love in the years just after Jack Hovey had it painted as the Mustang MkIV.
Before that, when it was black, it was known as the "Jello Mold Special" but back then nobody could tell when the Jello molds were installed.