The North American P-51 Mustang
Reno 2013
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P-51 Mustang at Reno 2013
Unlimited Race Class
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

The Unlimited Class was reformed during the summer as a work around when the FAA, RARA and the past unlimited class did not agree on rule changes. The good news is we raced with the fastest unlimiteds available today. The bad news is a few unlimited owners chose to stand down. With only 16 Unlimited Class racers on the roster and 2 no shows, the field was down in numbers but not excitement.

Missed were Rod Lewis' Tigercat. That sound coming around the pylons is unbeatable. Also missing were Doug Mathews' Corsair, Tom Camp's Wildcat and John-Curtiss Paul P-40s and P-51B. Let's not forget the racers recently departed: Robert Odegaard, Howard Pardue and Jimmy Leeward.

Reno2013_14440t.jpg Reno2013_14469t.jpg Reno2013_14501t.jpg Reno2013_14510t.jpg Reno2013_14540t.jpg Reno2013_14593t.jpg Reno2013_14619t.jpg Reno2013_14645t.jpg Reno2013_14692t.jpg Reno2013_14713t.jpg Reno2013_24773t.jpg Reno2013_24782t.jpg Reno2013_24827t.jpg Reno2013_24830t.jpg Reno2013_24931t.jpg Reno2013_24938t.jpg Reno2013_24962t.jpg Reno2013_24968t.jpg Reno2013_25023t.jpg Reno2013_25038t.jpg Reno2013_28225t.jpg Reno2013_28270t.jpg Reno2013_28355t.jpg Reno2013_28515t.jpg Reno2013_28550t.jpg Reno2013_35117t.jpg Reno2013_35127t.jpg

2013 Silver Unlimited Results:

Winner: #11 Brent Hisey, P-51D Miss America - bump to Gold

1st - #924 Brian Sanders, Sea Fury
2nd - #47 John Bagley, P-51D Ole Yeller
3rd - #12 Doug Matthews, P-51D The Rebel
4th - #44 Brant Seghetti, P-51D Sparky

2013 Brietling Unlimited Gold Results:

1st - #5 Steven Hinton, P-51D Voodoo - 482 mph
2nd - #7 Matt Jackson, P-51D Srega - 475 mph
3rd - #86 Sherman Smoot, Yak 11 Czech Mate - 456 mph
4th - #77 Stewart Dawson, F8F Rare Bear - 451 mph
5th - #38 Thom Richard, P-51R Precious Metal - 435 mph
6th - #8 Brian Sanders, Sea Fury Dreadnought - 424 mph
7th - #71 Curt Brown, Sea Fury Sawbones - 407 mph
8th - #114 Korey Wells, Sea Fury Argonaut - 376 mph
9th - #11 Brent Hisey, P-51D Miss America - 373 mph

Reno2013_35151t.jpg Reno2013_35321t.jpg Reno2013_35357t.jpg Reno2013_38696t.jpg Reno2013_38751t.jpg Reno2013_38813t.jpg Reno2013_45437t.jpg Reno2013_49785t.jpg Reno2013_55495t.jpg Reno2013_55522t.jpg Reno2013_55528t.jpg Reno2013_55545t.jpg Reno2013_55554t.jpg Reno2013_55575t.jpg Reno2013_55596t.jpg Reno2013_55769t.jpg Reno2013_55781t.jpg Reno2013_61812t.jpg Reno2013_61816t.jpg Reno2013_61824t.jpg Reno2013_61850t.jpg Reno2013_61945t.jpg Reno2013_61978t.jpg Reno2013_62204t.jpg Reno2013_62278t.jpg Reno2013_62326t.jpg Reno2013_62352t.jpg Reno2013_62392t.jpg Reno2013_62403t.jpg

BIG congratulations to Bob Button, Bill Kerchenfaut, Steven Hinton and the Voodoo Crew who fought and worked hard for many years to get here. Thanks to Hoot Gibson for putting on one heck of a show, blasting 232 around the course at the fastest speeds ever for a Sea Fury. Thanks to Team Rare Bear for continually working and fighting for more speed every day during the week. Huge thanks to Thom Richard and Precious Metal who went through hell to get here and race. They thrashed up to the last minute more than once. Congrats to Sherman Smoot and his great finish after several years off.

The Reno Air Races would not be cool and have a cult-like following if it was not for all the warbird owners who put up their own dollars to come here and race. Yes there is a purse for winning, but it does not cover all the work and costs that go into racing an unlimited aircraft at Reno. Thom Richard flew from Florida and back to race at Reno.

Thanks to the crazed fans who travel from around the world to see the fastest motor sport. I talked to folks from Japan, Germany, UK, New Zealand and Australia and more. What a great and safe year of air racing. Let's get together again in the 2nd week of September 2014.

Reno2013_62423t.jpg Reno2013_65823t.jpg Reno2013_65828t.jpg Reno2013_65837t.jpg Reno2013_65853t.jpg Reno2013_65930t.jpg Reno2013_75998t.jpg Reno2013_76012t.jpg Reno2013_76049t.jpg Reno2013_76059t.jpg Reno2013_76060t.jpg Reno2013_76185t.jpg Reno2013_76374t.jpg Reno2013_77006t.jpg Reno2013_77019t.jpg Reno2013_77319t.jpg Reno2013_77331t.jpg Reno2013_77346t.jpg Reno2013_77369t.jpg Reno2013_77390t.jpg Reno2013_77400t.jpg Reno2013_77406t.jpg Reno2013_77445t.jpg Reno2013_77464t.jpg Reno2013_77495t.jpg Reno2013_77621t.jpg Reno2013_77632t.jpg Reno2013_77701t.jpg